13 weeks are up


Contrary to what my best mate Phil says i’ll do, there will be no emotional send off, no tearful sentiments and no warm nostalgic glances back at my time with Syra.  You too then can breathe.

That’s not to say there aren’t any, for me it was the best 3 months i have had since weaving my way up the East coast of Australia when i was 23.

What I will say is this though, that for any man thinking that staying at home like a make-shift housewife looking after a baby/toddler is easy, then picture this scenario in your workplace.

You’ve organised a meeting with 20 well respected colleagues within the company, and have told them you have a powerpoint presentation that they will be interested in seeing and it should last 30 minutes, and you’ve promised lunch.

Dressed in a clown suit with one hand tied behind your back, you unpack your briefcase/work bag and pack it full of strange things you’re not sure how to use.  Before the meeting and still in a clown suit and one hand behind your back, you make sandwiches for the spread. Now to the meeting, you’ve left your laptop at home, your sandwiches were a flop, (strewn mostly over the floor) and you now have 30 minutes to kill. A presentation. Dignity in tatters, feeling the pressure, nervous, unprepared, time is ticking, the only thing that enters your head are the words to the song, “The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round.”

Welcome to life on the other side. Dads you should try it sometime.

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2 Responses to “13 weeks are up”

  1. Callum says:

    Well done Ade. You’ve made me simultaneously laugh and shit myself at every turn. Rather like I expect my son/daughter will do when he/she arrives in three weeks or so.

    Hope you’ll still keep up the good work.


    • adelarks says:

      Well Callum – I wish you all the best and if you want any tips on dealing with the public humiliation of your little one shitting on the floor at plaugroup I’m your man. Seriously though here’s to a safe delivery!